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The aim of our project is to deliver a fully configured DMR radio with your ID and choice of a few repeaters to your door ready for use. We also have secured the very best value and as we are not a business will be passing all the saving to you.

Well we have been working very hard with the manufacturer to customise the radio's for use of the Ham Radio network.

Firstly we have re-written the programming software, adding useful hints and tips specific to setting up the radio for use on the Ham bands and Ham repeater networks. We have also re-written the firmware in the 2 radio models to fix several issues which had caused problems during out testing.

USB drivers 32 aand 64 bit  download here
Programming software (xp, win 7 and win 10) download here

We have fully tested 2 models the Trilogy-850 and the Trilogy-990, both radios have performed very well in our 2 month testing phase. Reception reports have said clear audio, looking at the stats from the repeaters there are no drop outs or errors seen when the radio is within range. Our fantastic Beta testers who have used the radio's said that they were easy to use and that they liked the design, weight and feel of the radios compared to other models. They also really liked the fact all the programming had been done, so there was no stress, just switch on and use.

Testing access to GB7HR above on the Trilogy-850

Testing above into both GB7HR and GB7NS using the Trilogy-990

Here at last are the pictures you have all been waiting for the 2 handsets and the data sheets for each of them, click on the image to enlarge it.


Download the Trilogy-850 user manual here
Download the quick guide here


Download the quick guide here

For those of you concerned about the harmonics of these radio's both in analogue and in digital, here are some screenshots of the testing we had done by the manufacturer.

Trilogy-850 radio frequency analysis


Trilogy-990 radio frequency analysis


73 MX0MXO Chersey Radio club.